• Hi,
    I just got a sample of NetDCU14 as a replacement for NetDCU10. The USB interface is already working.
    I read in the "FirstSteps" Docu that I need the "NetDCU14 SDK which can be found in our download area".
    Unfortunatelly I didn't find it in the NetDCU download section.
    Can you tell me where I can find it?
    Are there any other general issues (regarding coding and debugging with Visual Studio) that I must consider when moving from NetDCU10 to 14?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello,
    you will find SDK in FSS5PV210 download area (FSS5PV210 = NetDCU14, PicoMOD7A, armStoneA8 and nanoRiskA8). These download area is password protected. I will send you access data by mail.

    PS: in general you can use NetDCU10 SDK in the meanwhile. VS200x generates armv4i code in both cases.

  • Hello,

    access to the downlaod area has changed. Go to our Homepage -> Downloads -> Software and register ... .


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