TCP/IP communication with host PC

  • We have a TCP/IP client/server setup with a PC as the server and a PicoComA5 as the client. For testing, the server is continuously sending messages to the PicoCom client and the client acknowledges the message with a short answer. This works well but for some reason the client program hangs after 2-3 days (after around 100,000 messages). Actually, not only the client program hangs, the whole PicoCom (Windows) locks up - nothing work, not even the COM1 communication. The only way to get the PicoCom back is to cycle the power.

    We are using a Win6CE and Visual Studio 2008.

    Any ideas what causes the hang? Our client/server programs are both quite simple and still this strange hang - seems like something is not quite right with the TCP/IP implementation on the PicoCom side. It's not, or probably not, a memory leak because we have tried allocating a lot of memory before the test starts and the hang still happens after 2-3- days, not sooner (as you would expect if it was memory caused).

  • Hello,

    which kernel revision you are using? If the board realy "hangs" the Hardware Watchdog should reboot the board. So i assume a blocking from application or from a driver.

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  • 1) Synch TCP/IP mode
    Kernel version ‘1.07 –build jul 2 2014’ works
    Kernel version ‘1.09 –build dec 3 2014’ hangs within 24 hours

    2) Aynch TCP/IP mode
    Kernel versions ‘1.07 –build jul 2 2014’ and ‘1.09 –build dec 3 2014’ both hang within 2-3 hours

    'Hang' means this: nothing works, no touch screen, no COM port communication, only way out is power off

    Please note: the same client/server programs running on two Win7/Win8 computers work for weeks without any problems.

    Seems to be something wrong with the TCP/IP implementation in the PicoCom kernels.