Rotate display for efusA9 via registry

  • Hello,

    I want to rotate the display ET0430 via registry settings using the BSP V1.50 for WEC7.

    The rotation works using ndcucfg via "display rotate set 4" but not automatically after reboot using the registry key "rotate=dword:270".

    Because "display rotate set 4" sets the registry key "rotate" to 4 I've tried also with value 4 instead of 270. In both cases the display rotation is 0 after reboot.

    Is there anything missing to get the desired rotation via registry settings?

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    My registry settings are:

    "FriendlyName"="aSt-ADP-EDT1 Display Adapter"
    "Rotate"=dword:0000010e; resp.: "Rotate"=dword:00000004 in second case

  • Hello,

    this is a known bug and should be resolved with future kernel version (version 1.6, refer roadmap in the imx6 download directory).

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