DMA chain execution failed

  • I have created custom SPI controller slave driver. When the driver is running I sporadically get the following errors:

    Flash blocks are marked as bad, but after using nand scrub from U-boot, the flash seems OK.

    My driver has an interrupt service routine which copies data from the SPI controller into a memory buffer. The SPI clock rate is 6.25 MHz.

    The "DMA chain execution failed" message comes from the "F&S i.MX6 GPMI NAND flash driver". What may cause this error?

    Hein Gustavsen
    Miros AS

  • You are lucky, we have found a solution to this issue just this week. Can you try the attached patch? It should solve this DMA chain execution error.

    Go to the top directory of the Linux kernel and apply with

    1. patch -p 1 < 0001-Fix-F-S-gpmi-nand-fus.c-driver.patch

    Please note the '<' for input redirection. Then recompile the kernel.

    Your F&S Support Team


    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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