PicoCom4 USB Board Driver do not work with Win7 64bit

  • Dear All,

    I did install the NetDCU USB loader V2.4.1.0 x64 onto my Win7 64bit system. Then I connect the Starter Kit with PicoCom4 Module to the PC via the USB cable.
    In system tray the message appears "driver will be installed". After approximately 2minutes the message appears "driver can not be installed". In the device manager beneath USB-Controller the item FSBoardUSB Driver is marked with the yellow triangle. Do somebody knows whether there is a compatibility problem with windows 7 in general or do I need to setup with other drivers etc?

    Thanks a lot in advance for help.

  • Hello,

    have you tried a other USB port? Which kind of connection do you mean?
    1) PC4 Bootloader (NBoot or Eboot) -> PC
    2) PC4 WinCE -> PC

    In case 2 you need to install windows mobile device manager.

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