• Dear,

    I configured GPIO pins 12 and 14 on the Armstone A9 as GPIO inputs, and disabled the SPI (Flags = 4).

    "FriendlyName"="Digital I/O driver for iMX6"

    However, measuring the levels on 12 and 14 (both through software and from an oscilloscope), I get a high level. Strange enough, the level of pin 14 is about 2.2 V, while the level of pin 12 is 3.3V.

    Could it be that the SPI driver is still interfering with these GPIO pins?

    I have following firmware:
    Eboot: v 1.20
    Nboot: PVN26
    Kernel: V1.80 - Build Dec 17 2015


    Didier Guillemyn

  • Hello,

    - pin12 and 14 are port 1 bit 4 and 6 and not listet in ""UseAsIO"=dword:07fc07ff"!
    Should be "UseAsIO"=dword:xxxx5xxx? Set "Debug" to "255" and regard serial output while booting.
    - 3.3V level is ok. All Pins foreseen as matri-keybd-columns has 4k7pull-up.
    - 2.2V level is not ok. Don't think that SPI is responsibel because of flag=4!Try to explizit disable internal pull-down ... but i don'T think this helps, Maybe the pin is broken.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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