• Hello F&S,

    We upload our application software to a ArmstoneA5 with windows EC 2013 with a USB stick With the Update Software on it.
    The update script contains more then 400 lines.

    The most ArmstoneA5 boards can be updated without any problem, but sometimes there is an Board that can't be updated.
    the update is started and will stop at a random script line. (sometimes line 50, or 225, or 317)
    After a few times retry, it will run to they end. but if the board has to be updated again the same problem will show up.
    (all board have the same windows version and are from the same batch)

    what can be the problem?

  • Hello,

    according your desciption i assume it is a HW problem!
    You should send this board as RMA and remark that only this board cause problems while heavy load on USB host. Maybe esd protection or soldering is broken/demaged?

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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