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    Which size, or rather, which type of SD-Card can I use with efusA9 (fsimx6-v3.0, Linux) on SD_A (Micro-SD) & SD_B (SD) ? Is it possible to use SDHC up to 32 Gb and SDXC Cards with up to 2 TB according to MCIMX6QxE i.MX 6 Dual/6Quad Data Sheet?


  • SDHC should be no problem. We have used SDHC cards and they were all recognized. I don't think that we ever tried a 32GB card, but I do not see any reason why this should not work.

    SDXC is a different topic. I think we did not try any SDXC card yet, so actually this is unknown territory for us, too. Actually there is a technical aspect and a license aspect. From the technical side, SDXC uses the SDA V3.0 specification. I think that there is no difference regarding the hardware requirements so the i.MX6 should be capable of supporting this. The software driver seems to support this, I found several code places that mention SDXC. However newer cards, especially the very fast cards, require the voltage to be lowered to 1.8V. And this is the problem of our boards. Our boards do not support a voltage switch on the external SD ports. This does not necessarily mean that the card won't work, but it will not work with the maximum speed.

    From the license side, SDXC cards usually use the exFAT filesystem. This filesystem is patented, which is why it is *not* included in the standard Linux kernel. So an SDXC card with exFAT will definitely not work out of the box. If it is possible to format the card with a different filesystem, like EXT4 or FAT32, then this would be possible from the software side.

    So I believe you simply have to try it out. Sorry.

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