Qt remote execution and debugging

  • Hi,

    I have an issue executing and debugging Qt applications on armStone. Until now, my workaround is to manually download my application to armStone with tftp and execute it.

    For remote execution and debugging, I follow section 4 of Quickstart with F&S Development Machine. I create the root file system with the additional packages. I have SSH configured, and I check the connection in Qt Creator: OK. I adjusted the paths of cmake, debugger, qt, kit, etc. I have qmake working. The application compiles without errors and the executable is created. All of this is working well.

    But, when I click on debug symbol I see the following message:


    Debugging starts
    Listening on port 10000
    Remote debugging from host

    and after a while:


    The gdb process has not responded to a command within 40 second(s). This could mean it is stuck in an endless loop or taking longer than expected to perform the operation.
    You can choose between waiting longer or aborting debugging.

    The application is not copied to /tftpboot/, therefore none of the subsequent steps is working.

    Thank you in advance!