Buildroot: packages missing in filesystem

  • Hi,

    starting from your Fedora VM without modifications, fsimx6-V3.0, but also with fsimx6-V3.1:

    1. make fsimx6_qt5_defconfig
    2. make menuconfig

    I select the following packages:


    1. make host-gdb-reconfigure
    2. make

    Finally, in the generated filesystem I have the packages selected, except PostgreSQL Plugin.

    If, instead of the above, I *only* select PostgreSQL Plugin, it will be in the filesystem.

    This is maybe a bug, or a dependencies issue?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have tried to verify this issue. I extracted Buildroot, called make fsimx6_qt5_defconfig and then called make menuconfig to add the extra packages that you mentioned. Finally I called make. If I look into my rootfs now, I do find the plugin as /usr/lib/qt/plugins/sqldrivers/ So here it works fine.

    This PostgreSQL Plugin is part of qt5-base. So if you had Qt5 already built, before you enabled the plugin, then you need to call

    1. make qt5base-reconfigure

    before the next build. Alternatively rebuild everything from scratch.

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