LAN connection hang

  • Hello

    We have a trouble with the LAN connection on our module NDCU8 WCE5 and NDCUA5 WCE6 installed in one site

    After reboot the communication works properly but after some hours or days the LAN is hangging

    it is not possible to ping, telnet or connect it by FTP

    In some cases the ping is working but the telnet and FTP are not working.

    The application of the module are still running (we keep recording values at defined time on the SD card) but it is impossible to connect to the module

    Do you have any tips on what could cause this behavior?

    for information the registry setting is as follow we use it with fixed IP address



















    "AutoMask"="2 5 5 . 2 5 5 . 0 . 0 "

    "AutoSubnet"="1 6 9 . 2 5 4 . 0 . 0 "









    "DhcpSubnetMask"="2 5 5 . 2 5 5 . 2 5 5 . 0 "





    We have deployed several modules in various sites with the same IP configuration (only IP address and default gateway adapted) without trouble

  • Hello,

    because we have the fault on two complete different CPUs (Samsung, NXP) we should check first if Ethernet itself is the problem or just a subsequent fault.

    Is there any serial debug output in case of fault?

    You have no display also not in a test environment - right? Maybe you can deploy a program similar like this out of control?

    Please keep me informed.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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