/dev/ttymxc2 strips Bit #7

  • Hello everyone...

    I have a little problem configuring the UART. I need to open 2 serial connections. The first port I tried (/dev/ttymxc3) works as expected, but when I open /dev/ttymxc2 with the same code, the received data gets stripped of the 7th bit... The port should be a RAW 9600 8Odd1 port with XON/XOFF Flowcontrol...

    At the moment I don't know what I'm missing... Hope you got any ideas...;)

    Best regards,

    Jochen Tillner

  • Can you show us your initialization code for the UART ports? My guess is that ttymxc3 is already switched to 8 bit because it is used as console and thus is configured by several tools, for example by the getty program that shows the login prompt. ttymxc2 on the other hand is still on default settings with 7 bits. So maybe you just do not activate 8 bit mode in your initialization?

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