armStoneA9 I2C Windows Embedded Compact 2013

  • We have a problem that the touch controller, after some times, become unresponsive.

    We use kernel V2.50 with Windows Embedded Compact 2013

    If I connect the board with cerdisp - cerhost the functionality of the display is correct.

    There is a command to reset the I2C driver of the display?

    P.S. I can send a Video that shows the issue.

  • After further investigations, we have noticed that the I2C communication whith the touch controller stops working, all the signals (checked with the oscilloscope) are 0V.
    This happens in many armStoneA9 boards, so I think it's a kernel problem.

  • Sorry for the late response,

    It is not so easy to reload the touch while runtime. Another issue concerning this procedure is: how do we detect when such a reload is required!

    Basically the reload can be done in this order:

    - deactivate the touch driver by OS function "DeactivteDevice"

    - deactivate the i2c driver by OS function "DeactivteDevice"

    - activate the i2c driver by OS function "ActivteDevice/Ex"

    - activate the touch driver by OS function "ActivteDeviceEx"

    But I would prefer to find the issue in the driver (i2c/touch) and/or HW.

    But for this we need additional information:

    Which kernel (version/date) you are using (at the time on A9 we have no open issue concerning the sx driver)?

    Any output on the serial debug line when the error occurs?

    Any further output on the serial debug line when enable debug values for i2c and/or touch driver?

    Did you attach additional parts to the i2c lines (e.g. pull-up's)?

    You may also try to reduce the clock speed of i2c.

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