Touch looses signal pressing long time

  • Hello,

    trying to configure my 4-wire touch panel but have some problems with longer pressing times.

    Everything works fine until I press longer time on button. Sometimes it works and sometimes it looses pressing signal and button goes up even though I'm still pressing button.

    I'm sure I haven't lost physical contact. Could I set/optimise some parameters in registry? I'm not sure which one could help.

    There are also two areas and I'm not sure which is the right one:


    00 "Prefix"=string:TCH \

    01 "Dll"=string:fs_touch_wm9715.dll \

    02 "Order"=dword:26 \

    03 "Index"=dword:2 \

    04 "Flags"=dword:8 \

    05 "Debug"=dword:0 \

    06 "IClass"=multi:{25121442-08CA-48dd-91CC-BFC9F790027C};{A32942B7-920C-486b-B0E6-92A702A99B35} \

    07 "Priority256"=dword:109 \

    08 "SysIntr"=dword:0 \

    09 "SampleRate"=dword:200 \

    10 "SWCalibration"=dword:0 \

    11 "InvertY"=dword:0 \

    12 "InvertX"=dword:0 \

    13 "ChangeIO"=dword:100 \

    14 "TouchSamples"=dword:3 \

    15 "SettleTime"=dword:4 \

    16 "PenDetectDivider"=dword:21 \

    17 "LoadAsyncEvent"=string:SYSTEM/ShellAPIReady \



    00 "CalibrationData"=string:2070,2087 3200,3226 935,3216 921,937 3188,948 \

    01 "DriverName"=string:fs_tchproxy.dll \

    02 "ChangeIO"=dword:100 \

    03 "TouchSamples"=dword:3 \

    For example the key TouchSamples. Which path is the right one? Or should I have to change both (in drivers and hardware)?

    Also in document WINCE_FSiMX6_DeviceDriver_eng.pdf all parameters are not listened/described.

    Hope you can help me...

    Best regards, Andy

  • Hello,

    sorry we have no idea which parameter may resolve this behaviour. We try to reproduce it and will come back next week..

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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  • Hello,

    I have attached a short video which illustrates the problem.

    Usually the next window shuld be shown, when leaving the "Browse" button.

    But as you can see, I'm still pressing and next window is shown after a random time while button is down.

    No difference if finger or a pen.

    Best regards, Andy