.NET5 on F&S boards

  • .NET5 on F&S boards

    .NET 5 is the successor of .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Framework 4.8. It aims to be cross-platform with support for Windows, Linux and macOS.

    There are runtime binaries available for arm32 and arm64, so i.MX6/7 and i.MX8 based processors are supported.

    .NET5 supports the programming languages C#, F# and Visual Basic and is included in Visual Studio 2019 since V16.8.3.

    .Net5 does not offer any graphical user interface support for Linux yet. If you require a graphical user interface and want to use .NET, you will have to look into Mono with WinForms or Xamarin for now.

    .NET5 does not offer any native libraries to access Linux hardware peripheries like I2C or SPI. If you need to access these in your application, please contact F&S for obtaining these libraries.

    You can test if your .NET5 application is portable to Linux by adding .NET5 to the latest F&S Buildroot release and run your application. Yocto support will follow soon.

    A tutorial on how to add .NET5 to your board image and how to run and debug your .NET5 application can now be found at the Document tab of your board on the F&S Website at

    Linux -> DOTNET5_on_F&S_Boards.pdf

    Your F&S Support Team