Web Platform for Embedded (WPE) support in Builtroot/Yocto

  • Hello,

    We use imx6 board and I wonder if WPE can be supprted for Buildroot.

    Apparently it is best lean option for running browser frontend.
    It is there for other boards so I wanted to see what is needed for fsimx6 support?

    Can I see imx differences and see if these can be implemented on the buildroot-WPE sources?


  • Hello,

    WPE seem to have their own Buildroot git, which also features a backend package, but without specific imx6 support:


    However the yocto version of wpebackend-rdk seems to have some imx6 support, so maybe you can port this to buildroot


    Also the mainline Buildroot package wpebackend-fdo seems to have Wayland backend support, which could profit from the Weston g2d acceleration, so you could try to build it with the fsimx6_wayland_defconfig.

    If you are going to try this, we are interested in supporting you as there is no good imx web solution on Buildroot except the qt5webengie at the moment.

    Your F&S Support Team

  • You could clone the orginal buildroot from https://git.buildroot.net/buildroot and check out the Buildroot version used in your F&S release.

    Then use a diff tool like meld to see all changes that were made by F&S

    The most important files would be




    But there are also some other packages like weston, imx-gstreamre or libdrm which need changes.

    Then you could try to add these changes to the WPE buildroot.

    You could also try to add the package/wpe/* packages to the F&S-Buildroot, which might be the easier way.

    If there are dependency incompatibilities we could try to help to resolve them.

    Your F&S Support Team