Problems with Eshell on Win XP

  • Eshell.exe uses a few ports for communcation with NetDCU. Therefore these ports must be open and not blocked by the firewall. So disable the firewall and try again.

  • Good afternoon!

    Use NetDCUA5. Rev 1.10.

    connected to the board using DcuTermi

    Set EBoot

    how to install wince6 using ESHELL?

    how to assign a mac address?

    please help with advice, or give a link, or a document to read.

  • Hi there, if i remember correctly:

    First start ESHELL and Point on the image file


    Normally Start into Bootloader using DCUTermi --> SHIFT+S

    Set Network Parameters "N" (IP Address, MAC Address, SubnetMask, ...)

    Set FlashMemory as target "MF"

    Start Kernel after Downloading "L1"

    Start Download via Ethernet "DE" (i think it was this parameter, if not "h" shows help)

    and then it should do it alone