FTPD.dll (ARM) WinCE 4.2

  • Hello,

    found a ftpd WCE4.1 version for ARM and attached it.

    Know that your are looking for "UseAuthentication" feature, indeed this value is not documented for CE5.0 and later (i did not check the different code). You should keep in mind that using this feature is a security risk also on WCE5 and later other security features may be installed ... .


    • Ftpd.zip

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  • Hello Mr. Zutter,

    i now replaced the .dll, with the one on ffsdisk, which came with the cab file, you sent the last time.

    The result is the same as before. How can i check, which dll version is loaded? Because if still the wrong dll is loaded, i would get the same behaviour as before.
    Right now i'm scanning the registry with remote registry editor, for finding the path \ffsdisk\ftpd.dll which i think should be registered by the cab file, if i'm not wrong.


  • ok. i found out, the installer did not had changed the path correctly. so now i have installed the 4.1 version. with the results i expected. i will now try the one from the cab file again, with correcting the path. i will see if the version from the installer shows the same behaviour as the 4.1 version.


  • now after installing the ftpd.ar.cab again, and changing the path to \ffsdisk\ftpd.dll, saving and rebooting. the behaviour is as like as the ftpd.dll which comes with the image-file. so i will continue the use of ftpd-arm version from 4.1. because this satisfies my needs.

    With this it is possible to logon with a created username and a not matching password, when needed (DEBUGGING of external Software). [therefore set UseAuthentication = 0] and normal use, with UseAuthentication = 1, where Password has to match with the password of the FTP-Useraccount.
    So no worries about security.

    thread can be closed now.
    thank you, and regards