Exit codes of ' ndcucfg-c "reg save" ' called via Process C#

  • Hi

    I'm calling the ndcucfg command "reg save" as follows:

    1. string strCmdText = "-c " + '"' + "reg save" + '"';
    2. int iExitCode = 0;
    3. using (System.Diagnostics.Process nDCUCfg = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("ndcucfg", strCmdText))
    4. {
    5. while (!nDCUCfg.HasExited) ;
    6. iExitCode = nDCUCfg.ExitCode;
    7. nDCUCfg.Close();
    8. }

    Usually I get iExitCode = 1 (I am assuming that ExitCode = 1 means OK). But in rare cases I get iExitCode = 259.
    Are the exit codes generated by windows or by ndcucfg?
    Is there any documentation available for the exit codes and their meaning?

    Thanks for help in advance.

    Info: We are using armStoneA5 with Windows Embedded Compact 2013, Visual Studio 2013 with SDK FSVYBRID_WEC2013 and C#

  • Hello,

    fail of "reg save" should return "208".
    Maybe threr is another proble while call "ndcucg"?

    PS: error codes listet in nducfglib.h, refer ndcucfg library under Tools section.

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