Migrate from linux to Window Ce and go back

  • Is possible to change the the operating system of this board ?
    I Buy a Board NetDCUA5 with linux inside but I like make also some test with microsoft enviroment?
    Is possible to do it?
    Best Regrards

  • If you buy a Linux board, then you do not have a Windows EC license. So even if this way is theoretically possible, it is not possible from the license. If you do it the other way round, i.e. buy a Win EC board, it is not a problem. To switch the software, simply erase everything on the board (go to NBoot and type 'E') and then use the installation instructions for the appropriate OS to install the new system. For example to install Linux, you just have to install U-Boot from NBoot and then you can insert a USB stick or an SD card with the Linux images on them. When you start the board then, U-Boot will automatically install everything and you'll have the shipping environment again.

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