• I am using NetDCUA5. Problenm is, that I can modify all files stored in the FFSDISK directory, I can change their names, delete them, add new files, but after power on, all modifications are gone. What can I do to keep my modifications in the FFSDISK directory?


  • I found out, that it has something to do with the application running on the NetDCUA5 while I am modifying the files in the FFSDISK directory using the MobileDeviceCenter over the USB. The application does not make changes in the FFSDISK directory, but the exe file of the application is stored in the FFSDISK directory.

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    running the applcation from ffsdisk while modify data in ffsdisk should be no problem!

    Is it possible that you application cause heavy CPU load? So that the Storage Manager has no time to do his work.

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  • It is true, the application was hanging in a while loop all the time, and this might block the Storage Manager. I waited for about 30 minutes, but the renaming of a file wasn't stored within this 30 minutes. But it worked when I prevent the application from hanging inthis while loop.